Interviews - Anthony Karen

•Nieman Foundation: Five immersive photographers share their experiences on gaining trust.

•The Daily Beast: Looking Under the Hood: 14 years Photographing White Power.

•Feature Shoot: We Asked 14 Photographers: What is the Most Precarious Situation You’ve Found Yourself in While Photographing?

•PDN: On Documenting White Supremacy: Photojournalists Share Experience, Advice and Warnings.

•Feature Shoot: We Asked 13 Photographers: Has there ever been a time when you felt guilty for taking a photograph?

•Metro US: Photographer remembers Vodou ceremonies in Haiti.

•Prison Photography: Tent City: Anthony Karen.

•Cameracraft: Lifting the Veil.

•Washington Post: Q&A: A Rare Look Into Westboro Baptist Church.

•NPR: Inside Access: Photographer Captures the Taboo.

•Huffington Post: Imperium: Shining a Light On Extremism.

•Telegraph: Inside the Ku Klux Klan.

•Milwaukee Institute of Art: Q&A: Anthony Karen.

•Totally random, but I thought it was cool - Snopes Fact Check: Did Sarah Huckabee Sanders Wear a KKK Halloween Costume in 1993?

•Story I wrote for CrimeReads about that time I was falsely imprisoned for 8 months:

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